Micro Technologies and Sony combine forces to become your #1 media source.  
Sony's Expertise in...
AIT, Offering AIT-5
LTO and Ultrium
Magneto Optical, 3.5 and 5.25
DAT and DDS tapes
Barcoding Services on Media
Storage Rewards, a customer incentive program
Warranty Details

            Micro Technologies and Sony have teamed up to offer you the very best service for your Optical and Tape needs. Whether you need media, drives or repairs, in either tape or optical Micro Technologies has you covered. Sony's experience in the storage industry and their history of being on the inventors side of cutting edge technology, makes this alliance even stronger. Have you seen Sony's expertise for yourself? We ask you to try out sony, and see if it's worth the switch from whatever you are currently using for your media or drives.

Micro Technologies is now offering all sony products. If it isn't available in our immediate stock we'll be sure to order it for you.

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